Import artwork from Photoshop with ease!! This powerful tool lets you send Photoshop layers to your PowerPoint® file while maintaining exact size, position and layers. An absolute must have add-in for Photoshop users!!!

It's never been so easy! Try it now!

If you're tired of spending hours and hours converting your layered Photoshop files into graphics for PowerPoint® then PhotoShop Import is the answer you've been looking for. With Photoshop Import you can automatically import Photoshop layers to PowerPoint® objects with their exact size and position kept intact.

Using this powerful tool, each 1st level layer (or layer set) in Photoshop will be exported as a PNG file - with transparency - and then imported into PowerPoint® in its original position.

For each layer selected, PhotoShop Import will:

  • Find and save the artwork's positioning information
  • Crop the layer down to the correct size by ignoring all completely transparent pixels
  • Export the layer to a PNG file (or a JPG if it is a background layer) - transparencies around and within the artwork will be kept
  • Import that PNG file into your PowerPoint® file
  • Using pptXTREME's technology, Photoshop Import will change the size and position of the image to match that of the Photoshop document.

Get to know this powerful tool's unique features (click here to view a screenshot of Photoshop Import's main dialog):

  • SetDPI: With Photoshop Import's DPI controls you'll be able to quickly and easily set the resolution for a single presentation or as a default for all your PowerPoint® work, allowing you to match your Photoshop files with your preferred PowerPoint® settings - or vice versa! A real must-have tool when creating printable images from your presentations!
    To learn more about resolution and DPI settings click here

  • Import File Path: Using Photoshop Import you will be able to retrieve and view the exact path and filename to the Photoshop document you are importing from. On your next import, you can enter the exact path information, click "Browse" to search for a specific file, or check the "Import from Active Document" feature.

  • Import from Active Document: Instead of taking the time to browse for a specific PSD file - a real time killer! - you can tell pptXTREME to import the currently active Photoshop document. By clicking this check box you will automatically fill in the Import File Path text box and update the Select Layers area. Quick and easy!!

  • Select Layers to Import: Photoshop Import will generate a listing of every 'first-level' layer (and layer set) in your targeted Photoshop document, highlighting the visible layers. All you need to do is select which layers you want to import and Photoshop Import does the rest!

  • Import to Selected or New Slide: Providing you with even greater flexibility, Photoshop Import allows you to determine where your imported artwork will go - either into your current slide or into a new one created automatically by the tool - all via a single control! What could be easier?

  • Import Background: With this feature, setting your backgrounds is a snap!! Photoshop Import will look though your targeted PSD file for any layer with the name Background or BKG, export the layer as a high-quality jpg, and automatically insert it as the background object in your selected PowerPoint® slide.

  • Export from Photoshop Properties: Using Photoshop Import you can easily set the defaults for where your files will be exported to and embed that relative path in your presentation. Browse no more!! The next time you use a pptXTREME tool on this presentation, it will remember where your images are stored - even if you have quit PowerPoint® or edited another presentation in the interim.

  • Export Filename Prefix: Photoshop Import's filename controls will help you manage and track your exports by establishing a standard filename and folder hierarchy structure that makes sense and is easy to follow - helping you to find the file you need when you need it!

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