pptXTREME offers several indispensable sets of PowerPoint® plug-ins that have been designed to provide added power and circumvent the more frustrating features of Microsoft PowerPoint. Once you start using them you will never understand how you got anything done without them!!

Review the PowerPoint® enhancement products below, and explore all the ways you can start saving time and creating more powerful presentations.

SoftShadow $49.95  

You have to see it to believe it! Try it now for free! Soft Shadows added to any PowerPoint object with a single click. Perect anti-aliasing, keep text and charts editable, and more. You won't believe your eyes.

(volume discount prices available)


Color Picker $19.95  

Your designs will look better and be easier to create with ColorPicker. No need to go to an image editor to match a color, now you can pick your colors right off the screen from within PowerPoint! Easily set the Fill, Text, Outline, Shadow or Background colors of selected shapes or slides with a single mouse click!!!

(volume discount prices available)



Edit $49.95  

Want to edit part of a group, but afraid to lose the custom animation? Worry no more! Tired of the trial and error game when matching the size of objects between slides? Wish there was a way to set all your Black and White modes for your ENTIRE presentation once? Worry no more! The Edit plug-in makes it possible for you to say "I can do that – EASY!" This and so much more.

(volume discount prices available)



moreEdit $39.95  

"Un-string" a file assembled from various sources with just a few clicks? Tired of spending hours taking presentations from others and formatting them to work with the Slide Master? Wish you could take items on a slide and match their width or height with one click? Do you use WordArt? Then you should try pptX's moreEdit, it will increase your productivity and eliminate hours of production time!

(volume discount prices available)



Import / Export $49.95  

Stop having to say, "Oh... that image changed again!" With the Import/Export plug-in you can manage creating a slideshow of 500 pictures or setting background in just 1 click. Just a matter of seconds is all that is needed to update to the new image while keeping its position and animations. All this and more with this powerful PowerPoint® enhancement tool.

(volume discount prices available)



Effects Library $149.95  

Dread having to re-create complex animations – not any more! Effects Library enables you to save your complex animation settings and re-apply them in JUST ONE CLICK to any object. This is all from within an intuitive interface permitting easy selection and management of your custom animation libraries.

(volume discount prices available)



Photoshop Import $179.95  

Are you spending too much time converting from Photoshop to PowerPoint? Would you use Photoshop more if the conversion was quicker? With Photoshop Import you can automatically import Photoshop layers to PowerPoint® objects with size and position kept intact.

(volume discount prices available)

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