PowerPoint® ADD-INS designed to make your work quicker, easier and more productive...

Dazzling PowerPoint® presentations no longer have to be time consuming to prepare. The pptXTREME™ suite of tools are designed to improve your productivity in PowerPoint. With these powerful add-ins, tasks that previously required many steps to accomplish can be handled quickly and easily.

Need to find an exact color? Want to drop a hundred pictures onto as many frames? Want to import from Photoshop? Need to make sure your objects are the exact same size and in the same place? Wish you could re-use that animation you just spent 30 minutes creating? Need to duplicate a complex animation once or many times? With these PowerPoint® tools, nothing could be easier and quicker.

pptXTREME™ tools save you time, money and - most of all - frustration. It's your choice. Do it the hard way or accomplish things faster, things you never before thought possible ... and get home earlier!

Do you have specific needs? We can be contracted to program your solution.
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